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Catharina Neufang

Grube Samson
Bergwerksmuseum & Erlebniszentrum
Am Samson 2
D-37444 St. Andreasberg

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Our GPS coordinates are:
N 51° 42` 47``, E 10° 30` 57``

The Samson Mine Museum is located in St. Andreasberg, right beside the sports field. There is always enough parking space.

Cars can park right in front of the mine. Just a few metres away, between the Glückauf-Schule and the sports field, there are more parking spots for cars and buses.
The nearest bus stop is located on Schützenstraße, about 10 minutes’ walk away. The closest train stations are in Bad Harzburg and Herzberg.

Toilets are located by the parking lot in front of the Samson Mine, towards the Glückauf-Schule.

They are clearly marked with large WC signs.

Toilets accessible to the handicapped are located in the Kurhaus, Am Kurpark 9, St. Andreasberg.

Open daily 9:00 am-6:00 pm, Sundays 9:00 am-1:00 pm.

St. Andreasberg is world-famous for its minerals; indeed, it is considered a “treasure chest”. For instance, the mineral Samsonite counts among the most expensive and rare minerals in the world. It was first discovered in the Samson Mine.

At our small museum shop, you can buy increasingly rarer pieces of ore from the Harz mines as well as minerals and fossils from around the world. Articles such as the lovely felted Mooskappen or miners’ head coverings made by Brigitte Rieger make wonderful mementos.

In the near future, we will offer a selection of recommended literature on historical mining in the Harz and on the World Heritage Site of the Rammelsberg Mine, the Old Town of Goslar and the Upper Harz Water Regale.

The Samson Mine needs an outdoor area with a café and a new seminar room. In the planned café, we want to make your visit to the mine more pleasant with high-quality, regional products. We will also give you your first information about the Samson Mine Museum and the Upper Harz Water Regale.
Currently, a museum café at the neighbouring National Park House is available to our guests (follow the signs approx. 50 m down the mountain).

The first project plans have been launched in conjunction with the UNESCO World Heritage in the Harz Foundation, the Braunschweig Cultural Heritage Foundation, the State Office for the Protection of Monuments, the Town of Braunlage, the St. Andreasberg Village Renewal Program and the District of Goslar.

Furthermore, within the framework of the TRAFO project known as World Heritage Harz Museums, the German Federal Cultural Foundation has granted its support for the improvement of the infrastructure at the Samson Mine.

Information for people with special needs

The Samson Mine Museum is an historical, listed ensemble of buildings that cannot be completely transformed for people with physical restrictions.

However, the shaft system, part of the wheel room and part of the museum can be visited, for instance with a wheelchair.

Under the menu itemTours & Events, you will find our offers for people with physical restrictions and our inclusive tours.

We will be happy to advise you personally by phone at +49 (0)5582 1249 and will give you further information.

No problem to bring your dog, if you make sure that any other guest is molested.

  1. Visitors must follow the instructions of the tour guide.
  2. The Samson Mine will be visited as a group. If anyone leaves the group, the tour guide must be informed.
  3. Sturdy shoes and warm clothes are recommended.
  4. Please do not touch any exhibits that are not intended to be touched.
  5. People under 1.75 m in height must stoop while walking in a short portion of the adit.
  6. Upon request, dogs may accompany the tours. Owners are responsible for their dogs.
  7. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the mine, the buildings and the area directly in front of the buildings (fire alarm system).
  8. Please dispose of garbage in the containers provided.
  9. The operator is not responsible for any soiling or damage to clothing.
  10. The upward path to the adit is not sanded in winter. Please use the handrail.
  11. Anyone obviously under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicating substances may not take part in a tour. People whose behaviour disrupts or endangers the operation of the museum, or damages the reputation of the museum, may be excluded from the museum visit. This also applies to any violation of these Visitor Rules and Regulations. The admission fee will not be refunded.
  12. Film and photos are permitted for private use, although third-party privacy rights must be respected. Commercial recordings are subject to approval and fees; they must be registered in advance.
  13. By participating in a public event, visitors and contributors agree to the publication of photos and film recordings within the framework of the internet presence of the Samson Mine Museum & Educational Centre, in social networks and in museum-related print documents.
  14. Parents and supervisors (teachers etc.) are responsible for supervising minors during the entire visit to the museum.

In St. Andreasberg, all visitors have free access to the wireless network
No password is required.

There is no reception in the subterranean areas of the mine.
Sorry, Donald…

A wedding in the Samson Mine?

Not just for those who are closely connected with mining, the Samson Mine is a special place that will make the most beautiful day of your life unforgettable…

Arrange an appointment with us by phone at +49 (0)5582 1249.

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Of course, we will be happy to give you the odd personal recommendation for dining, overnight stays and other special activities in the region.