The TRAFO program is an initiative of the German Federal Cultural Foundation. From 2016 until 2023, the Foundation will provide long-term support to regional cultural sites and programs and accompany them on their first steps towards the future.

In the regions of Oderbruch, South Lower Saxony, Saarpfalz and the Swabian Jura, all of which are participating in the initiative, models and approaches are being tested in order to make smaller institutions in rural areas more attractive and viable for the future. One of the most important questions to emerge is: how can cultural institutions open themselves up to new tasks, content and cooperative efforts at the local level?

Finding answers to this question is taking place in conjunction with citizens and schools, as well as local associations and companies, who as experts concerning their respective home regions can take part in decision-making about what they expect from their cultural institutions and what should happen there in the future.

Further information about all TRAFO projects currently underway in Germany is available on the TRAFO-Homepage.