Things have been “new” around here for quite some time. On the contrary: we value personal knowledge transfer with the opportunity for individual questions and answers. Digital transformation was started at Samson Mine, therefore, we work on audio guides and VR headsets.

We tell exciting stories and make history exciting, stimulate the power of imagination and create resonance. We promise you an ultra-modern, entertaining teaching method that has won many prizes. With our strengths such as authenticity and interaction, we are already a museum of tomorrow…

“Of tightrope artists and copycats”

Join us on an exciting trip through time both above and below ground.

Be amazed by unique technology and authentic people.

With our ultra-modern didactic method, which has won many distinctions, we will inform you about the interdisciplinary relationships among the sustainable use of resources, regenerative energy production and innovative technology - for yesterday, today, tomorrow…

You want to find out more about Upper Harz mining and its energy supply, but don’t like subterranean experiences, or you have a medical restriction? During the summer months, we offer tours of the Upper Harz Water Management System, right on the grounds of the Samson Mine.

You will follow the path of the water on easy, short paths from the Hilfe-Gottes Pond, along the historical ditches to the wheelchair-accessible shaft house and the water wheels in the above-ground facilities of the Samson Mine.

Ask us to advise you according to your individual needs and book your group tour.

360-Grad-mining tour

Follow this link and experience the Samson pit in a spectacular virtual tour and learn more about the historic mining ensemble...

Audioguide to download on you mobile phone!

Follow this link and download the guided tour in Samson Mine in English, Dutch or Danish.
Do not forget your own headset!

In addition to the underground tour you can make an audioguided supported trip around the mining ensemble and learn more about the historic mining activities in St. Andreasberg... in English or German.

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With his adventure tours, which have won several distinctions, Harz native and forestry scientist Christian Barsch invites you to the World Cultural Heritage Site of the Upper Harz Water Regale and the Harz National Park. He will present his home region in an authentic, entertaining and interactive way, according to the motto Cultural Experience - Discovering Nature - Educational Entertainment.

For instance, the tour From the Waterwheel to the Energy Transition combines a visit to the Samson Mine, the Oderteich reservoir and the Rehberger Graben ditch. For more information, click here.

The Foundation for UNESCO World Heritage in the Harz also offers tours about world cultural heritage. For more information, click here.

Ask about special tours on these topics:

  • Economic & Social History
  • Architecture & Human Settlements
  • Geology & Mineralogy
  • Mountain Meadows & Changing Landscapes
  • Bats & Nature Conservation
  • Herb Walk & Herbal Soap Seminar

Not all the tours can be booked for individual groups. Some of the tours can be carried out only from May - October.

The Samson Mine and its surrounding area are an ideal place for your company outing or business event, including catering with regional specialities to be enjoyed outdoors, in the mine or in other unusual places. Naturally, we will also organize your Christmas party or make our seminar and event rooms available to you.  

Forestry scientist Christian Barsch, who comes from the Harz, has won several distinctions for his events and will organize high-quality, appealing events for you both above and below ground.

We will be happy to support you with recommendations for special hotels, great restaurants or exciting activities.

For more information, click here.