About us

Hans-Günter Schärf is a former mayor of the town of St. Andreasberg and is intimately acquainted with the cultural and natural history of the Harz. He organizes the best locations for film crews and has even appeared on camera, for instance in the Harz-based crime series Harter Brocken. Hans-Günter is also a former German deer-calling champion. He leads his visitor groups through the Samson Mine with good spirits and wit.
He directs the Samson Mine with Christian Barsch and is responsible for tour operations as well as the preservation of the mine ensemble.

Christian Barsch was born in Braunlage and studied forestry science in Göttingen. Since 2011, his educational tours of the Upper Harz Water Regale World Heritage Site and in the Harz National Park have received many distinctions. With an interactive, entertaining didactic method, he is now available for challenging yet laid-back experiences of the Samson Mine as well. At the Samson Mine, Christian is in charge of education, marketing and networking.

Eckhard Trübel has been leading visitors through the Samson Mine for many years. He is immediately ready for action any time a bus arrives with no appointment. Eckhard is not only good-humoured, he also possesses extensive knowledge of the cultural and natural history of the Harz. With his quiet way and experience, he presents the historical mine in St. Andreasberg, both above and below ground, to visitors.

Victoria Dietrich can do it all: culture, nature and tourism. For many years, Vici has been working as a committed, competent guide at the St. Andreasberg National Park House. She joined the Samson Mine team in summer 2018. Sharp-witted and bright, the trained tourism manager brings new drive to the development of the Samson Mine. Vici’s areas of responsibility, apart from organizing the museum management, are education and knowledge transfer. Welcome to the Samson Mine!

Martina Bielenberg is the good spirit of the house: when everyone has left and tranquillity descends on the Samson Mine, she works to make everything look nice again for the following day. Even the canaries are lovingly tended by Martina. Oh, how lovely that you are going to stay with us…

Isabel Hielscher studies ecosystem management at University of Göttingen. Since July 2020 she is also a practioner in our Samson team. Hello and a warm welcome in St. Andreasberg.

Andrea Daniel leistet ab 01. September 2021 ein Frewillliges Soziales Jahr in der Grube Samson ab. Andrea ist nicht nur unsere jüngste Mitarbeiterin, sondern eine ganz besondere: sie ist die erste Teilnehmende, die ein FSJ im Bereich der Montankultur in Norddeutschland ableistet, also nicht als Frau, sondern überhaupt. Wir sind ein wenig stolz hier eine Vorreiterrolle spielen zu können und freuen uns auf geballte Kompetenz im Bereich Grafikgestaltung, Social Media und Sichtweisen von jungen Menschen. Frau Daniel hat übrigens in- und auswendige Bergerfahrung, denn sie hat dem Beerberg bereits viele Besuche abgestattet. Glückauf in der Grube Samson!

Uschi und Jochen Klähn directed the Samson Mine for 38 years, making it what it now is. Jochen came to the Samson Mine in 1951; his father, Fritz, was the first director. Subsequently, Uschi started leading tours of the mine in 1962. In 2016, with a combined age of 154, the couple entered their well-deserved retirement. All the same, Uschi and Jochen are still here for us and their Samson.
We cannot possibly bow low enough to pay suitable tribute to their life’s work… even though we work in one of the world’s deepest mines…

Dr. Wilfried Liessmann is one of the foremost authorities on the history of mining in the Harz; he has written many books about historical mining in the region. As a mineralogist, he works at the Technische Universität Clausthal and is in demand throughout the world as a specialist in economic geology. Since 1988, he has played a leading role as one of the “men in the dirt” at the Roter Bär Pit Educational Mine. Wilfried supports us with his knowledge and regularly hosts mineral seminars at the Samson Mine.

Our team includes further specialists from the pool of certified World Heritage guides at the Upper Harz Water Regale World Heritage Site. For specialist groups, we also arrange trained and, in some cases, postdoctorate geologists, mining engineers, mineralogists, geographers, forestry scientists, historians, anthropologists, teachers and theologians as well as other experts on the cultural and natural history of the Harz.

Member of Museumsverband Niedersachsen & Bremen e.V.